Mentorship - where does it fit in the coach development pathway?

With Kevin Tyler

Kevin shot this quick video explaining what mentorship means to us, the importance of investing in yourself, establishing a peer network, and how our philosophy on mentorship has guided our work.

Error Detection & Correction

With Dan Pfaff and Kevin Tyler

The ‘coach’s eye’ is a skill that is much-discussed - but not always understood.  In this video, Kevin and Dan break down an athlete’s running technique, with Dan talking through his process.  Through it, you will better understand how you can develop your own coach’s eye.

Barriers to Championship Performance

With Dan Pfaff and Nick Ward

The most-popular article on the ALTIS blog is Dan’s ‘Barriers to Championship Performance’.  In this video, Nick sits down with Dan to discuss this article, and go a little deeper into a few of the barriers that we encounter on our journeys. If you work with athletes at any level, this will help you better appreciate some of the things that act as ‘barriers to performance’.

Coaching Needs Analysis

With Nick Ward

We do a needs analysis on our athletes - but how often do we do something similar for ourselves?  In this short video, Nick takes you through his ‘coaching needs analysis’ process, which will help you take stock of your own coaching career.

Career Conversations

A variety of challenges will arise as you make your journey through the world of sport.  In this ALTIS Live, we welcomed our friends Fergus Connolly, Jaime Livingston, and Kebba Tolbert.  Along with Dan and Nick, we talked about some of these challenges. 

Sport is inherently competitive — forging a career in sport is no different. What will distinguish you from all the others?