“One role of a mentor is to show the vision of your future self — in essence, acting as a lighthouse. Much of my time with Dan in the early days was simply me watching a master coach at work.” - Stuart McMillan

While we cannot bring that exact experience to life here - what we can do is show you some examples of the process through which Dan goes through in his coaching — what he looks for, and how he goes about influencing it over the course of a training session.

In this 20 minute video, you will watch Dan take a group of coaches through a practical on sprint mechanics, where he discusses:

  • General movement analysis - including where he begins his observation process
  • Teaching the sprint drills - including how pronation and supination impact the health of the adductors
  • The myth of triple-extension
  • Why drills are useless for teaching acceleration
  • Real-time error detection and correction
  • The importance of fascia, and the ‘catching reflex’

We hope this short ‘fly on the wall’ video will give you a little insight into how we go about coaching sprint mechanics.

Let us know what you think!