Changing Your Game

How do you ensure you have the right mentor, someone that has a proven record of accelerating coaching careers and will help you change your game?

There are numerous mentorship options available, but only a limited number of coaches will gain direct access to one of the greatest mentors of all time - Coach Dan Pfaff. A coach who himself was mentored by one of the greatest athletics coaches ever in Tom Tellez.

How can Coach Pfaff help change your game?

This video provides some insight from world-renowned coaches who have previously benefited from Dan's mentorship:

  • Dr. Matt Jordan shares how important it was to maintain a very broad and well-rounded knowledge base even though he was focusing on his Ph.D.!  
  • A pivotal change for Tom Tombleson at England Rugby was in becoming a coach who watches and studies movement
  • Katie Mackey learned to challenge what she thought she knew and then was given practical action items to continue her growth and development
  • Matt Nichol came to appreciate the need to develop and apply his own unique decision-making framework

At the end of this 24-minute video, you will understand why Dr Matt Jordan says “you need to learn to digest the t-bone steak and not just keep flipping in the tic-tacs!”

Are you ready to level up?