How do you improve the running mechanics of YOUR athletes?

OK - mechanics are important -- we all know that!  But how do you improve them?  Watch along here, as Danny gives his advice on how you can improve the mechanics of your athletes immediately.  What is the process?  How do you build buy-in? What if results are getting worse?  

Find out here:

In Video #2, Danny talked about some of the rules that are the hardest for the athletes he coaches.   One rule he mentioned was ‘flexed ankles’ - rule #4.  

Want to know more about Rule #4?  Check out this private article - available ONLY to Brooks ID coaches:

How do I know what good mechanics are?

There is a lot of discussion around running mechanics, and seemingly as much confusion around what effective and efficient running should look like.  

However - there are ‘rules’ to this game!

But what are these rules -- what are the non-negotiables that underpin the techniques of effective and efficient running?

Check out this private article to find out what the FIVE RULES OF RUNNING ARE, and check out this video, where Danny tells us which rules are the hardest for the Beasts!

How important is running mechanics, and does it differ between sprinters and distance runners?

Our answer: VERY, and yes - kinda!

In events that last as little as 10 seconds, mechanics can be the difference between a gold medal and 4th place.  Intuitively, this just makes sense - but is it the same with runners of longer events?  

We asked Danny what he thinks — you might be surprised by his answer!