ALTIS Game-Speed Model & Playbook

Learn how the World’s top speed Coaches get their
players to go faster
in the game

If your players sprint faster, but don’t play faster—you’re leaving game-winning dunks, goals, touchdowns, triples, & tries behind!

Inside the ALTIS Game-Speed Model & Playbook you’ll learn:

  • The critical difference between game-speed and track-speed, and why focusing on the wrong one could be costing you games
  • How to recognize an “ability” versus a “skill,” and why the difference is vital to a game’s outcome
  • How to determine the type of speed most relevant to the game you’re training your players for so you don’t waste precious coaching time
  • The in-game period that often separates winners from losers in most team sports (and what to work on with your players, so your team’s on the right side of the scoreboard)
  • Speed’s 3 sub-categories—and the most essential type to coach for winning results in team sports

The ALTIS Game-Speed Model + Playbook is for coaches
at all levels, in any team sport

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Loren Landow -Head of Strength & Conditioning, Denver Broncos