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The ALTIS Mentorship

The team of Coach Pfaff, Stu McMillan, Kevin Tyler, Ellie Kormis, and Nick Ward will notify you by June 8th, if your application is successful.

YOU have made a courageous decision

YOU are committed to becoming the 'next level' coach

Unlike the 1000’s of coaches who simply dream of getting better, you’re different.

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ACP Feb 2020-2443

The application questions, which we spent days working on, were specifically designed to identify coaches like yourself

a coach:

Who is committed to personal development

Who knows they will grow faster and stronger with a like-minded community

Who sees Coach Dan Pfaff as the Mentor with the reputation and proven record to realize real career growth

Dan Pfaff - Head Coach | ALTIS

There are numerous mentorship options available, but only a limited number of coaches will gain direct access to one of the greatest mentors of all time - Coach Dan Pfaff

A coach who himself was mentored by one of the greatest athletics coaches ever in Tom Tellez

The ALTIS Mentorship brings Coach Pfaff directly to you, making him more accessible than ever

The ALTIS Mentorship is a 9-month immersive program with Coach Pfaff, ALTIS Staff, expert guests, and an exclusive community of coaches

45 hours of direct contact

9 hours of private mentoring with Coach Pfaff to work on your most important areas for growth

18 Bi-weekly small group ‘deep dives’ to tackle Sports Performances’ biggest challenges

9 Monthly Group Education with Coach Pfaff and guest experts to check and enhance your knowledge

Selective access to Dan’s Vault of presentations

Find solutions to your most difficult case studies

Join an exclusive network of ALTIS Mentorship Graduates

Plus bonus sessions

The Schedule at a glance

May 28 - Pre-sale Mentorship Applications Close
June 8 - Successful applicants notified
June 10 - Last chance for you to confirm your spot
June 26 - You receive the Mentorship packet
July 10 - The ALTIS Mentorship begins



are scheduled for:

July 10
August 7
September 4
October 2
November 6
December 4
January 8
February 5
March 5

Cohort sessions

are scheduled for:

July 17 & 31
August 8 & 21
September 5 & 18
October 3 & 16
November 7 & 20
December 5 and 18
January 9 & 22
February 6 & 19
March 6 & 20

Cohort sessions start at 2pm, 3:10pm and 4.20pm EST

All group activities start at 14:00 EST which is: 11:00 PST, 12:00 MST, 13:00 CST, 14:00 EST, 19:00 UTC, 07:00 Sydney AUS, 08:00 Wellington NZ

Please note daylight savings ends in the US / Canada to UTC-1 on Nov 7 2021
Daylight savings will start again in the US / Canada on March 13 2022

All Private Sessions with Coach Pfaff to be scheduled individually

See what others have to say about Mentorship and the Education ALTIS provide


“Coaches and students ask me all the time about key resources in our field. My number one response is ALTIS! The GOLD STANDARD in performance training.”

Loren Landow -Head of Strength & Conditioning, Denver Broncos


“The knowledge and information are outstanding. The depth of questions answered is great as is the ability to ask questions”

Women in Coaching Mentorship participant

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“ALTIS is arguably the single best and largest resource of knowledge in the athletics industry. The combined years of proven experience and expertise is unrivaled.” 

Dr. Fergus Connolly - Sport & Military Performance Expert


“I have enjoyed it all so far, thanks to all. I think it has been eye-opening to the thought process Dan Pfaff goes through and interesting to hear other coaches talk as what they bring are different perspectives.”

Women in Coaching Mentorship participant