Kyle Hierholzer

Return to Play: A Case Study with Freelap Technology

In this post ALTIS Coach Kyle Hierholzer discusses the use of the Freelap Timing System and its use during training to prepare our athletes. In my previous post, Returning to Play the Altis Way, I discussed five major principles that contribute to an effective return to competition for injured athletes. These principles are: Gathering Information Having Entire Performance Staff on the...

Returning to Play the Altis Way

Written by Coach Kyle Hierholzer, this week's blog-post explores the methods used by Altis staff in the rehabilitation of injured athletes. In the sporting world it is inevitable that injuries are going to happen during a long term athletic career - whether they be chronic, acute, catastrophic, or just minor niggles. Whilst it is true that the risk of sustaining...

Digging Deeper: Post-Competition & Post-Season debriefs

In Kyle Hierholzer's previous blog-post, Altis Combined Events & Jumps Coach discussed daily debrief strategies and methods for creating an environment conducive to stimulating open communication. In this follow up post, Kyle takes a deeper look into the art of the debrief, and discusses methods used at Altis pertaining to Post-Competition and Post-Season debriefs. The Post-Competition debrief Historically, debriefs originated...
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