Try a Little Suckiness

As I previously wrote, the embrace the suck concept first resonated with me a few years back. To bring a little suckiness into my life, I resolved to do something that sucked every day.  I generally stuck to physical things - but this also included more psychologically challenging things as well (such as reading articles, books, etc. that went against...

Limbic Friction

A few years back, I asked my buddy Brian MacKenzie if he could come out to Phoenix, and present at an ALTIS Apprentice Coach Program.  He said he’d love to - but could he bring a friend?  Seems he was working with this friend on some stuff around fear and breathing.   I said - “absolutely! That sounds cool.  Let’s do it!” Turned out that...

Embrace the Suck

“Embrace the Suck” The first person I heard say this was David Goggins a few years back. Goggins’ slogan is rooted in the assertion that we are - generally - pretty soft.  As soon as something becomes overly challenging, we stop - we find a way not to do it, or an easier way to do it.  We impose limits...
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