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Stop Dragging your Toes: Part IV

Thanks for sticking with me.   What started as a short post on the toe-drag silliness, has somehow taken on a life of its own, and is now going on 10,000 words.  Apologies - but I really think the context is required here; to unpack this properly, we need to peel back a few layers.   And don’t worry - we are...

Stop Dragging Your Toes: part III

At the end of part II, I asked the question:  “Is the goal for the athlete to drag her toe, or is it for her to have an effective and efficient block clearance and initial acceleration”? Hopefully, we can all agree that the goal is to be effective and efficient.  So that said, before moving forward to describing the process...

Stop Dragging your Toes: part II

Thanks for coming back.   In part I, I offered my thoughts on why the ‘toe-drag’ is not the be-all / end-all it is often made out to be, and in fact, a practice I would discourage in almost all instances. To promote  ‘low heel recovery’ is often offered as the reason why coaches instruct athletes to drag their toes -...
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