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If you've been waiting for the right opportunity to invest in your personal & professional development, now's the time to take action...

Thorne Women In Coaching Mentorship

The Mentorship has SOLD OUT!
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For the very first time, we are providing a small group of coaches the opportunity to access support from one of the most trusted and strong advocates for female coaches - Coach Dan Pfaff, in a transformational 9-month mentorship. As part of our commitment to supporting Women in Coaching, we are offering this opportunity exclusively to women (worth over $2000) at a heavily subsidized rate of just $499.

Supported by ALTIS Staff; and complemented by a panel of renowned guests, exclusive membership to the 9 month-long mentorship will allow you to:

  • Take the next step toward realizing your personal and professional goals, enhance your confidence, and transform your outlook
  • Join an exclusive, supported learning community, and build strategies for success to positively impact the gender demographic of coaching
  • Revolutionize your coaching skillsets & ability to apply what you learn
  • Connect with some of the best and brightest female coaches around the globe, and learn alongside passionate, ambitious peers

Who's it for?

Female Coaches operating in any sport, and any location, who are:


  • Passionately driven to positively impact the gender demographic of coaching
  • Become a leader and role model for driving change
  • Ready to excel as a coach through taking charge of their personal and professional development


Does this sound like you? If so, read on...

Get exclusive access to Coach Pfaff's Digital Mentorship Program, and garner personal insights from his 40 plus years of international coaching experience.

Connect with 23 other like minded, driven & passionate female coaches, from across the globe.

Fuel your passion for learning, by enhancing your knowledge & ability to apply new skills to your coaching practice.

Work with a globally renowned mentor

Coach Dan Pfaff is one of the most highly regarded coaches of our time. He has tutored 49 Olympians including nine medalists, 51 World Championship competitors (also nine medalists), and five world-record holders. He has directed athletes to 57 national records across a multitude of events.


Dan is also one of the most respected advocates for supporting women in coaching in the Coaching Community. He has mentored hundreds over coaches over his 40 plus years of coaching, and is passionate about paying it forward and serving others to help the next generation of coaches excel.

Check out the impact he has had on his mentees in this video...



In addition to learning from your Mentor, Coach Dan Pfaff, you will be joined by an exciting panel of special guests, set to share their extensive and wide ranging experiences on topics designed to complement the theme of each session. Confirmed guests include:

Brett Bartholomew

Brett Bartholomew is a performance coach, author, keynote speaker, and founder of Art of Coaching™.

Art of Coaching™ consults with corporations in the financial and tech sector, medical professionals, military, as well as professional sporting organizations to enhance their ability to lead more effectively through a better understanding of human behavior, persuasion, and power dynamics.

His book Conscious Coaching: The Art & Science of Building Buy-In, is currently used by several universities to help guide future coaches and professionals.

Prior to his work in the leadership space, Brett served as a performance coach for a diverse range of athletes across 23 sports worldwide including those who compete in the NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, MLS, and NCAA, the Olympics as well as members of the U.S. Special Forces and Fortune 500 companies.

Molly Galbraith

Molly is author of Strong Women Lift Each Other Up, and Co-founder of Girls Gone Strong (GGS), a worldwide health and fitness movement dedicated to helping women feel strong, confident, and empowered in their lives and their bodies.

Professor Sophia Nimphius

Professor Sophia Nimphius is an internationally recognized researcher and practitioner for her contributions to improving applied practice in sport and advocating for improving the sporting system for women in sport. Her research focuses on the enhancement of athletic performance, athlete health and reduction of injury risk in athletes. She is currently a Professor at Edith Cowan University (ECU), High Performance Women’s Sport Science Coordinator for Softball Australia and Analyst/Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Junior Spirit (Australian Junior National Softball Team).

Nancy Laurenson, MSc., NBC-HWC

Nancy Laurenson, MSc., NBC-HWC is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) with more than 25 years of experience in health care. Her focus has centered on programs that promote wellness and improve the physical well-being and emotional health of participants. Nancy received her master’s degree in Human and Applied Physiology from Kings College, London UK and trained as a Certified Integrative Health Coach at Duke Integrative Medicine’s Integrative Health Coaching Program

Coach Laura Turner-Alleyne

An Olympian with an enviable wealth of experiences in International Athletics and a diverse educational background, Laura Turner-Alleyne is a Coach with a broad knowledge base. She has accrued over 15 years of experience in Athletics, from grass roots through to her senior athletic career as a GB International Sprinter and medallist on the global stage.

Stuart McMillan

Currently in his 26th year of professional coaching, Coach McMillan is CEO at ALTIS. Stuart has worked with professional and amateur athletes in a variety of sports with a focus on power and speed development, and has personally coached 70 Olympians at 7 Olympic Games; 35 of whom have won Olympic medals.

Coach Ivi Casagrande

Ivi is a Sports Performance Coach from Brazil who is passionate about not only the holistic physical preparation of athletes but also empowering young coaches in their own journeys in the world of sports. Through sharing her own journey and experiences, her goal is to provide guidance for young coaches and athletes in order to help and support them in their own career goals.

Kevin Tyler

An accomplished coach with significant international experience and a former Canadian Olympic athlete in bobsleigh, Kevin Tyler is currently the President and long sprints coach at ALTIS, having previously served as the Assistant Coach for Sprints & Hurdles for 2 years at the University of Oklahoma.

Prior to his time at Oklahoma, Kevin was the Head of Coaching and Development at UK Athletics for the four years leading into the London 2012 Olympics.

Tyler has coached nine Olympians from five nations and athletes under his charge have broken 18 national records.

Nick Ward

ALTIS Programs Director, Nick has worked in the field of physical performance for over 20 years with a master’s degree from the University of Calgary. He is an accredited strength and conditioning tutor with the UKSCA, and provides education in physical preparation to schools, coaches and clubs.

Throughout his 25 years of applied coaching experience he has consistently delivered to young people in both a health and wellness as well as from a performance perspective.



  • Session 1: Saturday February 27th
    • Applied Biomechanics & Kinesiology - What you Need to Know, & Why
  • Session 2: Saturday March 27th
    • Training Methodology, Progressions, & Planning your Training Effectively
  • Session 3: Saturday April 24th
    • Applied Anatomy & Physiology in Action
  • Session 4: Saturday May 22nd
    • Effective Cueing, and Impactful Feedback
  • Session 5: Saturday June 19th 
    • Athlete Management, Coach Interaction, Dealing with Challenges
  • Session 6: Saturday July 17th
    • Applied Principles of Coaching Acceleration & Speed
  • Session 7: Saturday August 14th 
    • Applied Principles of Sports Medicine & Injury Prevention 
  • Session 8: Sat Sept 11th 
    • The Business of Coaching, Your ‘Brand’ as a Coach, Leadership, Maximizing your Employability
  • Session 9: Saturday October 9th 
    • Developing your Coaching Eye, Observation, Real-Time Error Detection & Correction

All sessions start at 17:00 UTC which is: 09:00 PST, 10:00 MST, 11:00 CST, 12:00 EST, 05:00 Sydney AUS, 06:00 Wellington NZ


*Note: The topics, length and focus of each mentorship session are subject to change at Coach Pfaff’s discretion.
Any changes will be confirmed in advance. Coach Pfaff may also run additional bonus sessions at his discretion. 

Enroll now for a heavily subsided price of just $499 to secure your place in this limited access opportunity.

Benefit from 9 sessions with Coach Pfaff & guests, and a wealth of personally selected learning resources.

“Not all great coaches make great mentors/teachers but clearly ALTIS has rounded up some of the best coaches in the world who genuinely like to share their expertise and have the skills to do this well.”

Marylin Arsenault - 2020 Women's ACP Attendee

Why choose the Thorne Women in Coaching Mentorship?

All else being equal, the difference between a successful coach and an unsuccessful coach usually comes down to 3 key decisions:


It's therefore critical to choose your education sources wisely. And that is precisely why we created the ALTIS Women in Coaching Mentorship: To give you access to the very best education through mentorship, for 9 full months, beginning February 27th, 2021.

Leading this mentorship is Coach Dan Pfaff.

Dan is one of the most-successful track and field coaches of all time, has worked with hundreds of female athletes and has mentored scores of female coaches. His impact has been transformational to many, as it will be to you if you are ready to commit to your own development.

“Having Dan as my mentor has been one of the best things that ever happened to me professionally, and personally! His words of wisdom and knowledge not only about training but with life in general have tremendously helped me to be a critical thinker, improve my mental health and work-life balance, and develop the skills needed to be successful in this field. When he tells me to read something or send me any resource, I make sure to read every single word of it because I know there is gold information there and questions I will ask myself that will make me always crave for more and more information. I will be forever grateful for his help and friendship.”

Ivi Casagrande - Women’s & Girls’ Sports Scientist - Brighton & Hove Albion FC




WHAT WILL YOU GET in return for your investment?

Whether you’ve been coaching for 10+ years, or are brand-new to coaching, for a personal and professional investment of just $499 choosing the Women in Coaching mentorship will provide you with:

  • Exclusive membership to Coach Pfaff’s personal mentorship program, exposing you to the benefit of his 40 years coaching experience
  • The opportunity to engage with ALTIS staff and an exciting panel of guests set to feature alongside Coach Pfaff
  • Access to an online dedicated membership portal
  • Structured pre-session learning materials (digital)
  • Mentorship Handbook (digital)
  • Lifetime access to session recordings and portal
  • A Certificate of Completion at the end of your mentorship
  • An exclusive forum for interaction with Coach Pfaff, other community members, and supporting colleagues throughout mentorship
  • BONUS: integrated support from the Female Coaching Network


Our Education Director - Ellie Kormis will be working with Coach Pfaff as MC and host, and will also be on hand to provide additional support to our mentor group. Ellie is an experienced mentor, coach, and educator: Prior to joining ALTIS in 2016, she worked as National Coach Mentor for England Athletics for a number of years, directly mentoring a cohort of over 20 male & female coaches on the National Coach Development Program.


A personal Mentee of Coach Pfaff herself since 2009, Ellie also went on to launch West London Track & Field in 2012. Since then, she has coached multiple age group national champions, senior national medalists in Sweden, Canada and Ireland, and has worked as Pole Vault Coach for numerous Team GB and England Senior, Junior, and Youth Events.


ALTIS Certification

Upon completion of the 9-month mentorship you will be awarded with a certificate detailing your achievement.


Gain access to private Facebook forum, where you will have the opportunity to interact between live sessions with Coach Pfaff, ALTIS staff, and your mentee group.


No, this mentorship is open to female coaches working across the spectrum of development. The content and application of content will allow you to tailor what you learn to your circumstances, whether that be Youth, High School, Collegiate, or Elite.


Only $499

Limited spaces available