Need For Speed: A coaching roadmap to make your athletes faster in the game

Confidently diagnose, correct, and program athletes for higher speeds at any level, in any team sport.

“ALTIS did a great job of creating
a one-stop-shop for speed.” Matt Gildersleeve

The winning sports organizations that trust ALTIS to build speed

You’ve spent countless hours sifting through jargon-filled speed training research. Most of it is conflicting, over-complicated at best.

There’s no single, organized resource to help you deliver more effective speed development to your team athletes. 

What you do find lacks in practical application. 

There’s some information to explain WHAT you should train — but to create those game-defining moments that are the difference between victory and defeat — you need to understand the HOW and WHY behind speed.

“ALTIS is a beacon of pragmatic, experience-rich coaches who offer a myriad of adaptable solutions for ANY coach interested in the realm of performance. ALTIS has always appealed to me because of their simplicity and honesty.” 

- Brett Bartholomew, Best-selling author, Art of Coaching


Need For Speed is the combined expertise of Coaches Stuart McMillan and Dan Pfaff, plus an ALTIS staff with 150+ years of cumulative coaching experience. 

Together, the team has coached 100+ Olympians to win 56 Olympic medals. They currently consult on speed for professional teams across the MLB, NFL, NHL, AFL, and English Premier League.

This course is developed through experience, research, conversation, and collaboration with 30+ leading team sport speed experts from around the world.


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learn from Need For Speed


“With so many questions being asked about how to develop effective, usable speed qualities in team sport athletes, no other resource out there is as holistic in answering these questions as ALTIS Need For Speed.” 
- Cam Josse, Indiana University Athletic Performance Coach


“I have a better grasp on speed thought processes and how to apply them to team sport—a new lens through which to make decisions about what I’m spending time on and if it’s really going to help us in our sport.”
- Matt Gildersleeve, Kansas U Football Director of Sports Performance


“I’m a lot more confident in prioritizing technical corrections, particularly with upright running.” 
- Shaun Maloney, Belgium National Team Coach

As a coach, your priority is to keep your athletes in play and at peak performance

But Sports Performance—especially speed—is complex. It’s not just about running as fast as you can. It’s not taking what you know about track-speed and transferring it directly to the field of play.

You know this, or you wouldn’t be here looking for a way to: 

Navigate the complexities of speed coaching instead of defaulting to simplified programs that don’t deliver

Understand the biomechanics of speed and technical models so you can explain and implement them quickly

Diagnose athlete issues and confidently prescribe suitable corrections so you don’t risk injuries

Learn practical knowledge to design better programs and continually adjust for context

Confidently coach your athletes so they can be stronger, faster, and healthier in-season and out

Need For Speed is the only resource you’ll ever need to safely improve how fast your players play the game

A digital course dedicated to the science & practice of speed in team sports. 

With video, text, case studies, and practical examples from ALTIS coaches and renowned expert contributors. 

Learn at your own pace through recorded discussions, graphics, and activities that encourage critical thinking.


Here’s what you’ll experience inside Need For Speed

So you can confidently coach your athletes towards dunks, goals, touchdowns, triples, & tries — the plays that win games



You'll learn:

  • The many ways to define speed - and why knowing the difference is critical to your results
  • What speed means to other coaches and players from their experiences and context 
  • How to differentiate between ‘information-oriented skill’ and ‘energetically-determined abilities’ and the role each plays in an athlete’s results
  • The most relevant speed sub-components in your sport with the “The ALTIS Gamespeed Model” so you’re focusing coaching time in the right area, and more



You'll learn:

  • Four steps to describe, assess, and improve movement from an “athlete first” and a “game first” approach
  • The “rules” of sprinting, so you can assess the competency of your players in acceleration and upright running 
  • Why context is important, and how understanding its relevance is key to developing speed in the game 
  • How to better understand possible training and coaching interventions based on your athletes’ skill levels
  • Why  a player who “learns the rules” can more safely and effectively “bend or break” them in the team sport context, and more



You'll learn:

  • How to apply the ALTIS Game-speed Model and determine the type of speed problem you need to solve
  • To be a more efficient and effective coach using The ALTIS Coaching Framework to organize your training and coaching plan 
  • How to define and recognise foundational shapes, patterns, rhythms and postures in linear sprinting that serve as a process to assess other ‘Gamespeed’ sub-components
  • How to coach acceleration and upright sprinting
  • All about dribbles, rudiment, return to play protocols, and more
  • The ‘rules’ of team sport speed, and more


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A private community with new video content, live streams, discussion forums, collaboration, and networking for coaches from across the globe.

Course facilitator and ALTIS Programs Director Nick Ward answers questions and gives guidance in the Facebook group, wherever you are in the course.

Recognition for a job well done


ALTIS Certificate - Need For Speed


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+ Bonus enhanced learning activities

Designed to support your comprehension and depth of understanding. Address at leisure, and on your own terms to forge an individualized learning pathway that meets your needs and time availability. 

  • Pro Tips from industry experts
  • Coach Pfaff's MythBusters 
  • Deeper Dives into selected topics
  • Collaborative Team Talk activities
  • Personal Development Plan Tasks
  • Skills Practice activities where you will learn by doing
  • Debrief activities at the end of each session
  • An optional Multiple Choice Quiz at the end of each Book 
  • Research Reviews on some of the most relevant of today’s sports science content relating to speed
  • PLUS, enroll within 72 hours and get exclusive access to The High-Speed Video Vault — 6 additional video trainings from the world’s top authorities on speed

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The High-Speed Video Vault

Enroll in Need For Speed within 72 hours and get instant access to 6 FREE guest expert trainings to deepen your knowledge and enhance your reputation as the go-to coach for team sport speed

A Game-Oriented, Player-Centered Approach to the Problems of Speed Development in Team Sports with Human Performance Specialist Clive Brewer

Belief & Variability: Quantifying the Complexity of Movement with Softball Australia’s High-Performance Women’s Sport Science Coordinator Dr. Sophia Nimphius

Speed Programming for College Football with Kansas U Football Director of Sports Performance Matt Gildersleeve

Understanding Change of Direction and Multidirectional Speed from the Inside Out with Performance Coach and Education Coordinator Justin Moore

Speed for Field Sports with Olympic Track & Field Coach and ALTIS CEO Stuart McMillan

Using a Repetition Without Repetition Model for Athletes in all Sports with Personal Performance Advisor to NFL players Shawn Myszka

“How soon will I be able to develop a new speed program for my team?”

And answers to other smart questions...

We’ve designed Need For Speed so it can impact your coaching on day 1. Get ready to have it influence your coaching programs immediately!

Speed is the ultimate game-changer. Need For Speed is your playbook for winning results

  • More than 45 hours of guided learning
  • 30 enhanced learning opportunities
  • Exclusive ALTIS Agora Council Facebook Community
  • Human support from an experienced Course Facilitator
  • Course completion certificate
  • 2.0 NSCA approved CEUs in Category C

Start now for $84.90

(+9 more payments of $84.90)
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Need For Speed is everything we know about team sport speed. We’re so confident this Course will make it easier to get your team athletes better results — that we’ll refund your money, no questions asked, if you let us know within 30 days that it’s not for you.


““Coaches and students ask me all the time about key resources in our field. My number one response is ALTIS! The GOLD STANDARD in performance training.”
- Loren Landow, Head of Strength & Conditioning, Denver Broncos

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“ALTIS is arguably the single best and largest resource of knowledge in the athletics industry. The combined years of proven experience and expertise is unrivaled. 
- Dr. Fergus Connolly, Sport & Military Performance Expert