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May 20 & 22

Track & Field

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We are excited to present the Thorne ALTIS Connect through which we will continue to provide access to our popular coach development program online and in real time. It will provide attendees with the opportunity to interact as a community, fostering personal development in a safe and collaborative environment.


Roundtable discussions



Thursday, May 20
Saturday, May 22

9:30am - 1:30pm PT

$69Limited early bird $59

Presenters & Guests


Tom Tellez
Legendary Sprints Coach


Kurt Downes
Coach & Educator | Border City AC


Moushaumi Robinson
 Educator, Coach, Yogi & Olympic Medalist


Derek Evely
Coach & Performance Consultant | EvelTrak Sport


Kyle Tellez
Associate Head Coach | University of Houston


Håkan Andersson
 Sprint Coach | High Performance Centre in Växjö Sweden


Dr. Chris Arellano
 Assistant Professor in Health & Human Performance | University of Houston


Laura Turner
Lead Coach, Sprints & Hurdles | West London Track & Field


Jimson Lee
Founder |

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Kebba Tolbert
Associate Head Coach | Harvard University

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Dr. Ken Clark
Applied Physiology & Biomechanics - Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology | West Chester University

Dan Pfaff - Head Coach | ALTIS

Dan Pfaff
Head Coach | ALTIS

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As you know for this ALTIS Connect we are being joined by one of the greatest sprint coaches of all time - Coach Tom Tellez.

Coach Tellez has recently published his book, 'The Science of Speed The Art of the Sprint' and has been generous enough give us 10 signed books to giveaway to 10 ALTIS Connect attendees!

All program participants will receive lifetime access to recordings of the presentations and discussions after the event is over.

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This is an excerpt from a practical session with ALTIS Head Coach Dan Pfaff, exploring upright sprinting technique.

In this clip, Coach Dan analyzes 110m World Record Holder, Aries Merritt, from a frontal view.  Key concepts, positions and movements Dan touches on include: foot strike, max knee height, leg swing, arm block, and asymmetries.

ALTIS Connect

Where “our network is your network” – a place where some of the best practitioners in the world come to share.

Thursday, 20th &

Saturday, 22nd May


9:30am - 1:30pm PST


$69$59 for a limited time

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