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We are excited to present the all new Thorne ALTIS Connect through which we will continue to provide access to our popular coach development program online and in real time. It will provide attendees with the opportunity to interact as a community, fostering personal development in a safe and collaborative environment.

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The first Program is on February 18 & 20, and will be focused on ‘sport performance’. We are excited to announce that we will be joined by our great friends Matt Jordan, PhD and Fergus Connolly, PhD - two of the most-influential thought-leaders in sport performance on the planet!

Thursday, February 18
Saturday, February 20

9:30am - 1:30pm MT
10.30am - 2.30pm MT

Presenters & Guests


Matt Jordan
Director, Sport Science | Canadian Sport Institute Calgary


Lorena Sumser
Strength and Conditioning Coach | Bayern Munich


Clive Brewer
Performance Enhancement Specialist


Chris Miller
Athletic Development Coach | US Ski & Snowboard


Jonathan Pope
Strength & Conditioning Coach & Author | Ethos Colorado Training Center & Precision Nutrition


Craig Weller
Tactical & Nutrition Coach | Ethos Colorado Training Center & Precision Nutrition

Dan Pfaff - Head Coach | ALTIS

Dan Pfaff
Head Coach | ALTIS

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Rebecca Hembrough
Women's Performance Manager | England Golf

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Dr. Fergus Connolly
Sport Performance Consultant, Author & Speaker

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Emily Hightower
Resiliency Coach | Founder of The Intrinsic Way


Scott Livingston
Founder | Reconditioning HQ


Matt Price
Strength & Conditioning Coach | LA Kings


Dr. Stephen Norris
Performance Conversationalist | Canadian Sport Center


Stephanie Vasquez
Performance Coach | EFT Chicago


Steffan Jones
Fast Bowling Cricket Coach | Pace Lab Ltd


Dr. Darren Burgess
Head of Performance | Melbourne FC

In this never before released video, Dr. Matt Jordan describes four of the biggest problems we face as sport performance professionals:

  1. Identifying what’s important from the information around us 
  2. How to get the best out of groups when session time is limited 
  3. How do we know we are making a difference?
  4. How do we break down silos?

We think you will really dig this one!!

Dr. Jordan will be presenting some of his work at the upcoming ALTIS Connect.  We think you’ll really enjoy his insights!

All program participants will receive lifetime access to recordings of the presentations and discussions after the event is over.

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In this sample video, we share with you highlights from two previous Presentations (from what used to be called the ALTIS vACP).

If you are interested in speed in team sports, Dr. Ken Clark and Cam Josse are two of the planet’s top experts, and here share their thoughts.

The first half features biomechanist Dr. Clark, who discusses the key features of what makes fast people fast, and why strong people may not be.  The second half of the video features Coach Josse, who tells us how we can individualize athletes’ training programs based upon our analysis.

Just a short sample of the type of content that is always provided at an ALTIS Event!

Thursday, February 18


9:30amWelcome and Introduction with Andreas Behm
9:35amDr. Matt Jordan - Assessing Vertical Jump Force-Time Asymmetries: Performance, Injury and Return to Sport Forecasting
10:30amRebecca Hembrough - Lift Up to Level Up: Impacting Women in Golf in the UK
11:00amA conversation with Dr. Fergus Connolly & Stuart McMillan
11:45amCraig Weller & Jonathan Pope - A better approach to 'mental toughness'

Roundtable with Matt Price, Stephanie Vasquez, Steffan Jones & the ALTIS Coaches

*All times are MST

Saturday, February 20


10:30amLorena Sumser - Athletic Development in Female Youth Teams
11:00amChris Miller - Filling Developmental Gaps
11:40amClive Brewer - Elite sport doesn't take place at the average: Considerations for strength programming
12:30pmEmily Hightower - Don't Miss Downregulation
1:10pmDan Pfaff - Lessons in Sport Performance
1:50pmRoundtable with Scott Livingston, Dr. Darren Burgess, Dr. Stephen Norris & the ALTIS Coaches

*All times are MST

ALTIS Connect

Where “our network is your network” – a place where some of the best practitioners in the world come to share.

Thursday, February 18

9:30am - 1:30pm MST


Saturday, February 20

10:30am - 2:30pm MST


Only $59

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