The ALTIS / Brains Bioceutical Living Lab brings together interdisciplinary experts to co-create, explore, experiment, and evaluate - in real-world environments - new ideas within the natural training and competition environment of elite athletes.

Brains Bioceutical Living Lab

The ALTIS environment provides a Living Lab experience that is unique in the sports world. Elite coaches and scientists, a world-class athlete population, and a network that is unsurpassed in high-performance sport affords an authenticopportunity to generate new knowledge by exploring, experimenting, and evaluating new ideas within the natural sporting ecosystem. This can only be accomplished through building a community of innovative, multi-disciplinary, and collaborative partnerships with educational institutions, private businesses, coaches, researchers, and athletes. The goal, quite simply, is to change the way sports science is done - by turning the real world into a laboratory.

About Brains Bioceutical

Brains Bioceutical Corp is a leader in GMP – certified production of naturally sourced active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Brains Bioceutical is one of the only cannabinoid active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturers in production today and is actively involved in clinical trials across the globe.

Based in the UK, Brains is one of the only nine companies that has the commercial production capability and EudraGMDP certification to produce natural CBD API. Brains is currently manufacturing a line of naturally sourced CBD API products that are THCfree. These products will be available across the UK in early 2020. MHRA Registered API: Inspected and Registered with the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency). API Certificate Number: UK API 48727