ALTIS Track & Field Education Series: Coaching the Horizontal Jumps

Course Introduction

Welcome to ‘Coaching the Horizontal Jumps’ by ALTIS, and congratulations for taking the next step in your education to better yourself as a Coaching professional.

We are truly excited to share the contents of this course with you. You now have lifetime access to this curriculum, the contents of which have been thoroughly researched, and represent the product of decades of combined experience.

Below are a few important details about what to do next …

1. Familiarize yourself with the course structure

In order to help you progress through the course as effectively as possible, the material is broken up into 12 modules.

All modules are now live for you to start working through, in series. To progress onto the next module in series, you will find a multiple choice test which needs to be completed. The pass mark is 80%, and the test can be retaken if this mark is not achieved on the first go.

Remember, your course access includes:

    • 12 modules of bespoke content, written by one of the most experienced Coaches in Track & Field – Coach Boo Schexnayder.
    • Over 130 ALTIS videos.
    • Further learning materials and resources.

2. Login to the ALTIS AGORA Community on Facebook and introduce yourself

We’ve got a great group of coaches who are taking both this, and other ALTIS Courses. Our private Facebook group – ALTIS AGORA – is where you’ll swap ideas and talk shop. Plus, ALTIS Staff members will be there to answer questions and lend a helping hand.

We’d really appreciate if you could take a minute to visit the page and introduce yourself to the ALTIS Community.

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3. Get started!

And that’s it!

We’re looking forward to sharing decades of experience with you, and being part of your coaching journey.

If at any point you need help with anything course related, please feel free to email our Education Director – Ellie Spain – at or leave us a message on the ALTIS AGORA Facebook Community Page.