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Altis unveils new website

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Ellie Spain

Ellie Spain

ALTIS Director of Education

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – Altis today launches its new website – representing a new phase of growth for the Center, as well as a commitment to expanding their global reach.

The launch of the website, designed by 5or6 Design & Marketing represents the fresh, dynamic face of Altis as it continues to grow in both on the ground presence, as well as extending its influence across Europe and Asia.

The online platform will showcase the Center’s expanding stable of athletes, as well as highlighting the best of the Phoenix based organisation offers in terms of world class coaching, and coach – athlete education and camps.

Dr Peter Simmons, Managing Director of 5or6 said: “Often the internet is the first port of call for media and followers of athletics to read up about their athletes. We help to develop a strategy with our clients, through their websites and social-media outlets by tailoring and promoting positive news stories to help create a successful global image.”

5or6 have a vast portfolio of branding work, particularly within sport, where they work with a various high-profile athletes, agencies and businesses.

“The launch of an upgraded website was a natural and necessary next step for Altis – an organisation which represents a truly global demographic with a track record of growth and ambition,” said John Godina, Founder & CEO of Altis.

“5or6 has delivered on the tough task of organizing Altis’ mass of information in a pleasing and expandable format. Like everything in Altis, our amazing new website is structured for growth and expansion. We look forward to the site serving as a base for reporting our updates, engaging with people worldwide and growing the greatest sport in the world.”

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