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Altis partners with MyPilates

Ellie Spain

Ellie Spain

ALTIS Director of Education

We are delighted to announce the addition of My Pilates as a partner in supporting and servicing the Altis. MyPilates offers top class Pilates, Barre, Yoga & Aerial Studio facilities and instruction in a state of the art studio environment which wholly befits the ethos and vision of Altis.

Altis is well recognized for its forward thinking approach to training and regeneration, and the inception of this partnership follows the long term successful integration of Pilates, Yoga and other holistic methods into our programming to improve and enhance performance and recovery. Vikas Gowda, 2012 Olympic finalist is a testament to the efficacy of this integrated approach: “One of my biggest weaknesses was my core strength and flexibility, but since starting Pilates I can feel the range of motion and strength in my hips and abs getting better … and the instructors have the ability to match exercises to the specific demands of my event and the needs of my body – I feel like it helps me get through training sessions, and even improves their effectiveness. I am definitely learning how to use my body more efficiently and the increased range of motion is also allowing me to create more power. Everyone is very professional and knowledgeable and I always leave feeling better then when I arrived.”

The Indian record holder is not alone in his use of Pilates as a training modality. John Godina, multiple International medalist and founder of Altis, used Pilates to extend his career and allow continued global success: “As a former athlete, I believe in the knowledgeable and caring staff at MyPilates. Through their work, I was able to lengthen my career by several years and participate for an extra Olympic cycle that otherwise would have been impossible. The MyPilates team is all about health and well being – even at the Olympic level, and as a global traveler, I can say with confidence that MyPilates is the top of the top in world-class studio environments. We are confident that the MyPilates team will prove a great asset to our athletes and staff who are striving to bring home more Olympic medals.”

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