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Altis set to expand Coach Education Program

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Ellie Spain

Ellie Spain

ALTIS Director of Education

Following the 2008 inception of the World Throws Center, 2012 saw the launch of the World Athletics Center (Now Altis); an elite training environment dedicated to John Godina’s vision of bringing an increased level of professionalism to the sport of Track & Field.

However, the Altis was founded not only for the betterment of athletes, but to ensure the continued development and education of the coaches so key to our sport: “We have dedicated ourselves to being a resource for the long haul” Godina explained; “a dependable place you can trust to bring you the best information and systems from the best coaches in the world.”

Since the launch of Altis Education Programs in 2010, we have supported 1000’s of athletes and 100’s of coaches in their quest for continuing professional development; including those from the US, Wales, China, Qatar, and South Korea. Now with plans for Canada and Australia upcoming, Altis Education Initiatives are a truly global enterprise – offering support to coaches and athletes via a number of platforms:

– Clinic and Convention Speaking Engagements
– Phase I, II, and III Coaches’ Courses
– Phase I and II Athlete Clinics
– Apprentice Coaches Programs
– Performance Therapy Programs
– Athlete Camps
– Internship Programs for Coaches and Therapists

As a result of the success of these initiatives thus far, we are now expanding the reach of these educational opportunities to complement Altis’ long-term objective of building the most interactive Education Program in the sport. These programs will continue to be carefully monitored “we are diligent in our analysis of coach and athlete satisfaction, and adapt our Programs to your needs” explained Godina “and we will continue to expand into new methods of delivery to challenge the standard, single-mechanism education systems which can sometimes feel less than whole.”

To honor this commitment, Altis will now be offering Coach Education Courses in the Throws, Jumps, and Sprints and Hurdles. The curriculums for which have been developed by the world-class group of lead coaches at Altis including John Godina, Dan Pfaff, Andreas Behm, and Stuart McMillan.

A key aspect of the expanded education program will be off-site educational opportunities brought to interested event-hosts Altis coaching-staff members. These opportunities offer tremendous rewards to the event-host via an expanded knowledge base, a network of local
coaches of all levels gathered together for the sharing of ideas and information, and a financial incentive for doing so.

These programs will be rolling out in the Winter of 2014 for Phase I Throws, Jumps, and Sprints & Hurdles coaches. Following the completion of the Phase I course, host institutions will then be offered the opportunity to host a Phase II course which includes all of the benefits of the Phase I course, but also includes increased athlete participation, and a deeper exploration into the realms covered in the Phase I courses.

Several institutions have already taken advantage of this tremendous opportunity. This is what one of our hosts, Pete Anderson had to say on his experience:

“Hosting the course was a great decision for me. I had always wanted to attend one but wasn’t going to be able to travel to the other destinations so hosting was a great opportunity. It has really paid off with our athletes and in the development of our throws program. We have had multiple state champions, athletes getting college scholarships and many league and regional titles.”

“The process pretty simple. I just contacted Altis and set up the date and location. Then it was all about getting the word out to your peers. I used email and twitter and just asked friends in the coaching community to share the information with their friends. Simple, cheap and so far has been pretty effective!”

To find out more on how to get started on hosting an Altis Coach Ed course, click here.

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