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Altis goes to Canada, eh!

Ellie Spain

Ellie Spain

ALTIS Director of Education

There has been much change in the Canadian track and field landscape in the last couple of years. As a result of these changes, elite training options have been geographically altered. In recognition of this fact, Altis has added a Canadian base to its growing International presence. Besides the central hub in Phoenix, Arizona, there are now Centers in Shanghai, China and Melbourne, Australia.

Led by former Head Coach of Scotland and 2013 Head Coach of the Canadian Pan American Junior Team Laurier Primeau, and supported by world-renown sports chiropractor Dr Gerry Ramogida, Altis Canada will be offering the following services to athletes beginning in the
2014-15 season:

• 50/50 share of time between the two Centers: it is recognized that many athletes cannot relocate to our Arizona hub full-time for two reasons:

1. securing a foreign resident Visa is not possible for all

2. some athletes require part-time work to finance training and
living costs – and without a Visa, the athlete is unable to
work in the US

• special care and consideration will be taken to ensure that programming between the two Centers are consistent, and seamless. Altis Canada athletes will be training under the exact same philosophy of Altis AZ, and have access to elite Performance Therapy while in

• integration into Altis AZ training groups while in Phoenix. Our Home Center Resident Athlete Pool includes over 40 elite athletes – supported by 8 coaches and 8 therapists. While in AZ, Altis Canada athletes will train with their respective event-groups, and the elite athletes within them

• world-leading therapy support in each of the two Centers

• world-class training venues in both Centers

• housing assistance while in Vancouver

• the unending desire of all of our coaches, and staff to provide the very best services for our athletes. We will leave no stone un-turned to ensure that the athletes reach their potential

Coach Primeau had the following to say about the partnership:

“There are three observable commonalities when looking at centers or hubs that produce world class athletes on a consistent basis:

1. highly talented athletes; 2. excellent recovery and regeneration modalities; and 3. a coaching team that will leave no stone unturned in the search for successful athlete performance. We believe that we have taken these three ingredients and combined facilities, good administration, and a culture of camaraderie that will rival the best in the world.”

and Altis CEO John Godina:

“successful Centers are built around people. Too often, Organizations will adopt a ‘build it and they will come’ mentality – without putting the requisite energies into attracting the right performance staff. We feel that with Laurier and Dr Ramogida, we have the best possible performance staff to further develop track & field athletes in Canada, and cannot wait to get started!” – John Godina”

If you are interested in what Altis Canada can offer, please email Altis Canada Head Coach Laurier Primeau at

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