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Scholarship Athlete Fund launched!

Ellie Spain

Ellie Spain

ALTIS Director of Education

Here at ALTIS we host over 100 track & field athletes from all around the globe. While many of these athletes are well-established professionals – with Olympic and World Championship medals and world records, most belong to that most-forgotten of athlete-populations: the emerging elite.

We formed our ‘Scholarship Program’ for these athletes 3 years ago – offering reduced-rate and free training memberships to those who fulfilled excellence in the following criteria:

  • Athletic ability
  • Academics
  • Attitude
  • Altruism
  • Ambassadorship

Many of our Scholarship athletes have competed at previous Major Championships or emerging rising stars, but with the sport being what it is financially, are still unable to make a living without the assistance of working part-time jobs to pay for food, lodgings, and expenses.

Recently, Canadian long jumper Christabel Nettey – after being an original member of our Scholarship program in the 2013-14 season – has graduated to a full-time professional, and is now traveling the world on the international circuit, which culminated in a 4th place finish at the 2015 Wold Championships in Beijing.

“Without the ALTIS Scholarship Program, I would not be one of the top long jumpers in the world.” Explained Christabel. “This program allowed me access to world-class coaching, therapy, and facilities that I would otherwise not had access to.”

Deeply engrained in the culture of ALTIS is that developing better athletes and better people are one and the same. ALTIS has a number of exciting Community Projects that are organized entirely by our Scholarship Members – recent efforts include a holiday food drive for local non-profit, Mom’s Pantry and an Athlete-to-Athlete Mentorship Program in which our athletes will connect with High School and Community College Track & Field athlete in hopes of fostering healthy relationships.

As the 2016 Olympics are swiftly approaching we are constantly asking ourselves, “where else – and how else – can we help?”

One of the biggest obstacles for the emerging elite track & field athlete is the often prohibitive cost of competition. Local competitions are few and far between, and travel outside of the city – and the expenses that come with it – is challenging for most. Without this competition, it is difficult for these athletes to gain enough experience to make that step up to the next level. And it is for help in this expense, that we reach out to you this Holiday season.

Please help us in recognizing the courage, humility and devotion these athletes put forth every day by donating to this campaign via our gofundme account.


Your donations will impact the following Olympic Hopefuls:

  • Muna Lee (USA)
  • Jeremy Dodson (Samoa)
  • Abigail Irozuru (Great Britain)
  • Lacey Henderson (Para USA)
  • Akeem Haynes (Canada)
  • Justyn Warner (Canada)
  • Tori Polk (USA)
  • Melvin Echard (USA)
  • Joshua Honeycutt (USA)
  • Raymond Higgs (Bahamas)
  • Shai-Anne Davis (Canada)
  • Tremaine Harris (Canada)
  • Makeba Alcide (St. Lucia)
  • Vanessa Jones (USA)
  • Audrey Jean-Baptiste (Canada)
  • Keyunta Hayes (USA)
  • Albert Huntley (USA)
  • Bridgette Owens (USA)
  • Dontae Richards-Kwok (Canada)
  • Trenton Merrill (Para USA)
  • Ashante Little (Great Britain)

To ensure your contribution will not go unnoticed, two of our Scholarship Athletes – Shai-Anne Davis and Tremaine Harris – have created a custom thank you calendar from our athletes. As this campaign will end on December 25, 2015 the calendar could serve as the perfect stocking filler! We are also keen to reward donations with our ALTIS tees!


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