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October Apprentice Coach Program schedule announced

Apprentice Coach Program
Ellie Spain

Ellie Spain

ALTIS Director of Education

We are excited to announce the beginning of our second year of Altis ‘Apprentice Coach Program’ (ACP) which is launching with an amazing event in October 2014 in association with our facility partner EXOS (formerly Athlete’s Performance).

The Apprentice Coach Program began in April last year as a response to a need for a ‘real-world’ view into the holistic nature of high-performance coaching. Traditionally coaches seek knowledge from books, Conferences, presentations, etc., and while these give us a great understanding of many isolated areas in our field, they do not tell us how to put it all together to form a coherent coaching philosophy. Therefore, it is the aim of our ACP to not only share our coaches’ ideas and plans – but for visiting coaches to observe and interact with undoubtedly the world’s leader in understanding how the pieces fit together – our Education Director, Dan Pfaff.

The feedback on our Program thus far has been outstanding, and we look forward to a new season of the best education opportunity in the sports world. We are starting the new season with a bang – an unequaled coaching education opportunity.

“As a developing coach I can not recommend Altis enough. The 5 days there as an apprentice coach were amazing and insightful. The coaches and athletes involved at Altis are professionals and in turn it creates an amazing environment. 5 Stars!”

Jason Reindl

It will be a little different than last year’s Programs, in that it will run for 7 days, and will be in conjunction with our partner facility EXOS’ event EXOS Presents: From Myth to Mastery – The Truth About Developing World-Class Athletes Featuring Dan Pfaff and Henk Kraaijenhof. The EXOS event will run on three consecutive full days from Friday October 17 through Sunday October 19th.

Our Apprentice Coach Program will operate during the weekdays leading up to the EXOS Event, and will follow the same schedule as our later Programs from the season just past:

Each day will begin at the track – observing and interacting with the therapy team, coaches, and athletes (our resident athlete population will be double that of last year, including some world-class additions that we have yet to announce – so lots to see) as they go through their training. From there, we will head over to EXOS (formerly Athlete’s Performance) to observe the weight training sessions.

Towards the end of last season’s Program, we began scheduling 60-90 minute lectures that followed the weight training. We will be continuing with this practice this year, but this time will book our presenters well in advance, so that coaches can better plan their visits to coincide with the presenters they are most interested in.

The October ACP Lecture Series will feature:

Monday: Nick Winkelman from EXOS speaking on ‘what you say matters’: attentional focus, cueing, and how to talk to your athletes.

Tuesday: Ian McKeown PhD from Port Adelaide Football Club in Australia speaking on Athletic Development in the AFL.

Wednesday: Matthew Jordan from the Canadian Sports Institute in Calgary, Canada speaking on dynamical systems, variability, and the potential application for the strength coach: new paradigms or much ado about nothing?

Thursday: Dr Gerry Ramogida from Fortius Health & Performance in Vancouver, Canada and the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL speaking on Performance Therapy – the coach-athlete-therapist triad.

“Just had the privilege to spend the week at Altis. Let me just say it truly is a first class organization with an amazing coaching staff. Any athlete or coach needs to come here and learn from the best! I will definitely be coming back sometime in the near future to further expand my knowledge as a coach.”

Matt Booth

Each lecture will be 90-120 minutes in length, and will be followed by the Coach Dan Pfaff led ‘Pool-side Chat’, your opportunity for informal discussion with our Education Director, our Lead Coaches, and each other. This was undoubtedly the highlight of our Coach Program last year, and we expect it to be no different this coming season!

All this followed by the EXOS Presents event with Dan Pfaff and world-renown coach-scientist Henk Kraaijenhof (and if you don’t know about Henk – do some research! Henk is a true visionary in the elite sports world, having immense and unique experiences reaching back over 3 decades – including coaching the likes of Troy Douglas, Nelli Cooman, Merlene Ottey, and tennis star Mary Pierce). He’s also an excellent – and entertaining – presenter). We guarantee you that this will be the educational event of the year!

To maintain the intimate nature of our ACP, we are only inviting 10 coaches to participate in this event – on a first come, first served basis (the ACP is capped at 10, but the weekend EXOS event will have a few more).

Likewise, in keeping with our insanely cheap (an actual coach quote from our 2013-14 Program) pricing structure, we are charging only $1295 for this week-long Event. This includes Program T-shirt, meet & greet opening evening dinner, lunch every day, both Altis and EXOS Program manuals, a Altis ACP T-shirt, and an EXOS T-shirt.

For coaches who cannot commit to a full 7 days off, we have a couple of options:

• you can attend the EXOS Presents Course only – just use the Altis code – WAC2014 – on the EXOS Registration Form to receive a 15% discount off the course price

• wait until future ACP Courses, where we will hold either 3 day long-weekend events, or our traditional 5 day event, as last year.

Please note that there is NO option of only attending the ACP portion of this Event.

To register all you have to do is send an email to and write ‘I’m in!’ We are limiting registration to the first 10 applicants so do hurry!

Our Education Team will then reach out to you, help you with housing arrangements, car hire, and answer any other questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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