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New Semi-Pro Athletes announced

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Kyle Hierholzer
Ellie Spain

Ellie Spain

ALTIS Director of Education

Altis’ semi-pro program was created to provide a viable option for athletes coming out of college to help them extend their athletic career. Many athletes need additional years of development before reaching their full potential; we are here to provide a bridge for such athletes – and to allow them to see how far their dedication, hard work and talent can take them.

The Semi-Pro program offers access to coaching, facilities and some medical access – at an affordable rate. It also allows these up and coming athletes to train around our full-time professionals and learn from their practice habits, work ethic and experience in the sport.

“We are very excited about this group of incoming athletes” said Recruitment Director, Andreas Behm – “as you can see athletes from all over the country and walks of life have signed up to come train here. It doesn’t matter if you competed at a big or small school, Division I or Division III, or have been out in the real world for a couple years. If you bring the commitment to learn about your sport and the desire to work hard to improve, then you are welcome here.”

This fall we are delighted to be welcoming the following semi-pro Athletes to their new base at Altis:

Malaina Payton
Long Jump, 6.44m, Cal Berkley

N’aithan Scott
110m Hurdles, 13.9s, Shorter University

Sadio Diallo
200m, 20.92s, Kennesaw State

Austin Gamble
Discus, 58.07m, Duke University

Mike Thalken
Shot Put, 17.98m, University Nebraska-Kearny

Ashante Little
400m Hurdles, 58.51s, Wheaton

Daniel McCord
200m, 21.68s, Princeton

Nene Kamate
100m Hurdles, 13.60s, Georgetown

Reynaldo Radlin
400m Hurdles, 51.12s, North Carolina

There are still a couple of semi-pro spots left for this upcoming training year; please contact us using the online form if you are interested in applying.

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