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Lindsay Lindley set to compete at African Championships

Lindsay Lindley
Ellie Spain

Ellie Spain

ALTIS Director of Education

Lindsay Lindley joined our Team this past April after taking a break from the track following her graduation from UCLA in 2011. She’s had an outstanding year, setting both indoor and outdoor PR’s – whilst also bringing a tremendous positive energy to the track. Lindsay is currently in Marrakech, preparing for her first major International Competition – the African Senior Championships, where she will be representing Nigeria this weekend in the 100m hurdles. We took some time to catch up with Lindsay and find out how her preparations are going…

Can you tell us a little about what led you to Altis?

I really knew I wanted to get back into competing in track. I was excited to find Altis on the internet, because prior there were not many training options in the Phoenix area. I decided to fill out an application. After meeting with coaches and staff, as well as touring the facilities, I was sold. They had an overarching vision I was very impressed with and was excited to be a part of.

How has your season gone so far?

I think it has gone really well on the whole. Every season has its ups and downs, I struggled a little with some injury issues midway through, but was able to put those behind me. I set new PR’s indoors and outdoors after taking two whole years off from competing. I am in much better shape than when I started the season and I have learned so much. I feel I can only get better and next year will be better because I am much more familiar with everything.

As you prepare for your first Major Championship, what are your thoughts?

I am very excited to compete and determined to execute the race I believe I can run and my coaches believe I can run. My practices leading up to this meet have been excellent and I hope to put into place what I have been running in practice. I know I can go faster than what I currently have run this season. Now would be the perfect time to do it.

Are you nervous?

A little because it’s a championship, but I know my coaches have prepared me well and I am prepared for it. They stress athletes to be independent and in control, regardless of the situation. I may be a little nervous beforehand, but once I start warming up to race I know I will calm down.

Both your coaches Stu and Andreas are back in Arizona … can you talk about how best to prepare for competition without your coaches. Do you think this will be a special challenge?

All meets are a challenge. I still have to navigate 10 barriers. I still prepare the same way. This one is no different. I have raced by myself before, so am comfortable with the routine. I keep in close contact with my coaches, if I have any questions I get a hold of at least one. I tell them how warm ups, workouts, travel, food, etc have been going so I paint a good picture and they give me instructions and advice.

Your races are in the evening – is there anything special that Stu and Andreas have you doing to prepare for the late start-time?

I do an easy warm-up/shake out in the morning to get my body going. That way I am not just lying around all day. I make sure I time out my meals properly so I am fueled for my race. Also the evening start time helps a little with any remaining jet-lag, since I would be up in the US at that point too.

When you’re competing abroad, what do you do between meets and training to keep yourself occupied?

I read a lot, the internet is sketchy here which makes for a lot of down time. And I’m suppose to be resting my legs and getting over travel and jet-lag. I am currently reading Gone Girl before the movie comes out in October. I have also been getting to know all my teammates, which is a fun and interesting process for sure.

Lindsay, thanks for your time, and best of luck to you from all of us!

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