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Godina looks to global future for ALTIS

John Godina

Peter Simmons

ALTIS Brand Lead & MD of 5or6 Design & Branding

After an outstanding IAAF World Championships in Beijing that saw 17 ALTIS athletes compete, we sat down with CEO John Godina for an insight into ALTIS.

“For me, it really does mean everything,” reflected Godina who founded the ALTIS back in 2008, originally as the World Throws Center. “I think its purpose is based in a noble pursuit of trying to help people. We have grown, and the results we are getting here in Beijing are beginning to show what we are accomplishing.

“…its purpose is based in a noble pursuit of trying to help people.”

“I really think we have some of the best people in the world that work with us and work for us. Because of that, I knew it was going to be successful and it would do what we wanted it to do. I knew it was going to grow.”

“There’s a lot more work to be done but everything we do is really just about helping people the best we possibly can.”

Since its inception, Godina, himself a USA Track & Field Hall of Fame athlete, has strived to develop the best environment to support athletes and coaches from across the globe. Greg Rutherford (Great Britain), Fabrice Lapierre (Australia), Anaso Jobodwana (South Africa), Aries Merritt (USA) and Justyn Warner (Canada) earned five medal between them last week in China, and ALTIS’ reputation is continuing to expand.

“My only hope is that we can continue to be able to help everybody that could possibly want help from us; it is a good problem to have when your biggest concern is being able to keep up with the demand.”

“I really work hard to make sure our coaches and administrative team have everything inline for what they need, so they feel like they are pursuing what they love to do the best way possible. If we take care of our people then I know that the athletes will always have a great place to be.”

With demand high and success stories already emerging, ALTIS has large global ambitions and is aiming to have its own purpose-built facility.

“Right now, we want to get through Rio (2016) and London (2017) and stabilize the size of our elite athlete pool in Arizona. We are really working hard to finalize a location in the next two years – somewhere we can build our own tracks and training facility rather then utilizing University tracks. It is important to us. The reason why this whole thing has worked is that we operate completely independently. Finalizing facility construction will only enhance our independence.”

“We are also working to develop locations around the globe for specific training operations. We had medals spanning four different continents in Beijing, so our reach and service around the world is important. It is going to enable us to assist a lot more people as we expand globally and can deliver for anybody, anywhere.”

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