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Dan Pfaff to start Jumps group in San Antonio, Texas



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Before heading back to Texas to begin his next coaching endeavour, ALTIS caught up with the Coach of Coaches… Dan Pfaff.

Dan, you have just come off another successful Olympic-quad (your 10th), coaching multiple Olympians, and coming away with another medal. Are you still learning? What are the main things in a group culture and athlete that you look for when considering the athletes you may coach?

I learn things about life, people and sport everyday. I enjoy puzzles and all three are never ending puzzle projects for me. I prefer to work with athletes who are passionate and driven about their craft. I like curious athletes who seek to understand not only the what to do but the why do I need to do this concept. I enjoy athletes who live in gratitude and who are selfless with their time and friendships. There are very few lone wolf athletes at the top. In my experience the training group and culture defines the ceiling of performance.

To apply for athlete training oppotunities in Dan’s jumps group in San Antonio, Texas, please contact ALTIS World Recruitment Director: Andreas Behm

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