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Austin Sahs prepares for success

Austin Sahs

Peter Simmons

ALTIS Brand Lead & MD of 5or6 Design & Branding

This article features one of our developmental athletes, giving an insight into a high school graduate’s throwing career.

Austin Sahs is a 17-year-old thrower from California. He has a zest for life and a passion for throwing. His personal story represents the World Athletics Centre’s model of preparing for success.

Austin Sahs started throwing in sixth grade. His mother, Cathy Sahs encouraged him to try the sport. Austin credits his involvement in the sport to his mom.

“She was always guiding me and I couldn’t have done any of this without her”. Cathy took her support further by joining his local team as a coach. She also pushed her son to sign up for a throwing camp. Austin’s mother told him once he signed up for track, it shouldn’t stop there. She said, “If you want to be good, you have to join a camp”.

Austin enrolled in John Godina’s first ever NAU Flagstaff camp in his freshman year. At the camp he met John Godina and Koji Murofushi (both Olympians ) and his passion for the sport grew instantly. He watched them and idolized their ability to communicate ideas to the people around them.

He speaks about his first camp experience “Seeing such good athletes from different nations get along with each other and laugh together (John and Koji respectively) made me realize how cool the people in this sport are!” He decided that he wanted to go the Olympics after meeting such ‘cool’ individuals. He returned home to California and his training escalated in the coming months.

Throughout high school, Austin received many accolades in his throwing career. He has competed in Hammer, Weight, Discus, Shot and Javelin. He improved from 41″ (12.95 m) with the 10lb shot to 55″8′ (close to 17 m) with the 12lb. His attitude for the sport has only grown more positive as he has competed and trained through high school. He has gone to numerous camps with the World Throwing Center and now feels he wants to continue to use his knowledge to help others. Although he is pleased with his exponential success, he says his greatest accomplishment is “making friends, meeting new people and sharing the love of the sport with so many”.

WAC asked Austin why he was so eager to help others and give back. He credits his passion for the sport to the WTC throwing coaches and teammates. The camaraderie he has established through the involvement in sport is priceless. He wants to relay the information to other athletes and one day live out a dream of becoming an Olympian.

Austin is continuing his throwing next year at UCSB and is looking forward to representing his college and the WTC.

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