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An interview with Coach TaeYeoung Kim

TaeYeoung Kim
Ellie Spain

Ellie Spain

ALTIS Director of Education

Coach TaeYeoung Kim is a former International High Jumper with a Personal Best of 2.23m, and is now Team Korea manager and Coach. Taeyoung and Korea’s best hurdlers, high jumpers and decathletes are currently based onsite at Altis in Arizona until 20th December.

So Taeyoung, first question – how are you finding life in Phoenix at Altis?
We are enjoying Phoenix, and being at Altis, the weather is great and it is a nice training environment – very active with a good atmosphere.

“Our preparation is better here in Phoenix because of the great coaching combined with the good weather and environment for training.” – TaeYeoung Kim

Could you explain to us why you chose Altis as a training base?
Yes, firstly Altis has some great coaches…some of the best, who have an excellent reputation. Secondly, in Korea, we don’t have many indoor facilities so most of our athletic training is outside during the winter, and Korea is cold in the winter. Here in Phoenix it is a good environment for training, and the weather is ideal. Our preparation is better here in Phoenix because of the great coaching combined with the good weather and environment for training.

What do the athletes like about being here in Phoenix and training at Altis?
They like the place a lot, Altis is great environment for training and also has a very good facility for weight training. The athletes on camp are very satisfied with the training they are doing here, and also with the very good coaching and accommodation. They love the environment and also training with the other athletes here.

What do the athletes do here outside training during their down time?
They enjoy the environment being here…for example, yesterday we went out with Altis Pole Vaulter Steve Lewis and saw the Rodeo for the first time! The athletes are taking in all the features around Phoenix and enjoying themselves.

Would you recommend to other athletes and coaches?
Yes, whilst being here so far I have learnt a new way of teaching, for example in Korea we train many hours per day, but here it is training then rest, then training – I find the training here at the Altis very organised and we would recommend Altis because of the great coaching from John, Dan, Andreas and Stuart, and the facilities and environment are great compared to what we have. Having said that, it is the coaching that is the most important thing to me; so I would recommend for others to come to the Altis to spend some time around the people here, who are some of the top coaches in the world.

Are you hoping to return to Altis in the future?
Yes, we hope to come here again for training with other Korean coaches because we have a plan to develop certain events: the high jump, hurdles, and the technical events.

TaeYeoung, it sounds like you are having a fantastic experience at Altis. Thank you for talking to us and all the best for the rest of your camp!

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