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Branding in Track & Field

Ellie Spain

Ellie Spain

ALTIS Director of Education

At Altis, we recognize the importance of providing our athletes with a fully comprehensive support service designed to complement every aspect of their training and lifestyle.

As part of this commitment to maximizing individual performance, we are proud to offer access to Marketing, Design and Media guidance through our close collaboration with the expert team at 5or6.

“5or6 helped us by providing a bespoke platform that allows athletes (like James) to express their personalities and tell their stories” – Steve Fudge

Those working in the top of our sport will be well aware of the increasing demands placed on athletes as their performance profile rises. Whilst sustained international success is the goal of every professional athlete’s career, the associated media spotlight and its impact on lifestyle and performance cannot be ignored.

Of those recently involved in a sharp rise to international fame, none could be better qualified to comment on the effect of this than Steve Fudge – personal Coach to James Dasaolu – Britain’s second fastest 100m performer of all time. The Loughborough based sprinter was recently catapulted into the public eye following a breakthrough 2013 season where he ran 9.91s to reach the World Championships final.

Dasaolu has since enlisted the services of 5or6 to ensure the professional management of this area, which, as his Coach explains “it is important to ensure that he gets the opportunity to inspire the next generation of athletes in an authentic and professional way … 5or6 helped us by providing a bespoke platform that allows athletes (like James) to express their personalities and tell their stories in a way which is stylish and informative to athletics fans, sponsors and most importantly to young upcoming athletes.”

Being mindful of this, we have been working relentlessly to integrate the outstanding support available from marketing experts Peter Simmons & Ryan McNamara at 5or6. The UK based consultancy have already had media success with a broad portfolio of clients including professional clubs, governing bodies, institutions and sports agencies: “Often the internet is the first port of call for media and followers of athletics to read up about their athletes. We help to develop a strategy with our clients, through their websites and social-media outlets by tailoring and promoting positive news stories to help create a successful global image.”

5or6 are currently working closely with Altis to create a dynamic brand which integrates all aspects of marketing; from website design and social-media strategy, to hardcopy outputs and media coverage.

Additionally the team are working with a range of Altis athletes to launch online platforms: “Our knowledge within the sector has enabled us to support athletes attending Altis to improve their media presence and attract further sponsorship. As part of this package, we support our clients with education, branding, profiling, and ongoing guidance to alleviate any unnecessary stress.”

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