In November 2019 we shared news of the launch of our Women in Coaching Initiative (WICI) - a collaborative partnership with the Female Coaching Network (FCN) - with the shared goal of helping to provide education and opportunity for women interested in coaching.

With over 170 female coaches directly supported, we are excited to soon be sharing news of our upcoming plans for 2022.

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In the spring of 2020 we were joined by Molly Galbraith & Rachel Balkovec, in a fantastic ALTIS Live. Many of the issues encountered by women in coaching positions were discussed, with some great ideas for what we can all do together to improve the situation. If you are interested in this topic, it is a must-watch!

Check out this awesome talk delivered by Dr. John Berardi during our All-Women’s ACP in 2020. JB is best-known as the co-founder of Precision Nutrition. In this video, he speaks on the topic of being proactive in our own development, and shares how to navigate the challenges facing all coaches when trying to turn a passion for coaching into a powerful purpose, and successful career.

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We have got some pretty cool things happening over the next little while, including:

  • New opportunities for female coaches to connect, share, develop, and learn from some of the best coaches in the industry
  • Increased access to excellent, innovative, and exciting coach education opportunities for women in coaching
  • New avenues for female coaches coaches to access high caliber education and networks

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Since the November 2019 launch of our Women in Coaching Initiative, we have:

  • Donated portions of our product sales to the Female Coaching Network
  • Opened up all 2019-21 Thorne Apprentice Coach Programs to women at no cost
  • Added an all-woman Apprentice Coach Program for free. This was our 46th ACP in our 7th year of operation, and most certainly ranks up there as one of the best thus far!
  • Delivered a free of charge 2 month Virtual Women’s Mastermind Program. Led by Coach Pfaff, this gave 17 attendees of the all-woman ACP the chance to continue their growth and development, and gave us the chance to continue to impact positive change on a personal level
  • Hosted a Women in Coaching Webinar with Molly Galbriath & Rachel Balkovec, attended by women all over the globe
  • Delivered the inaugural Women in Coaching Mentorship, hosting 27 female coaches on a bespoke 9 month mentorship with Coach Pfaff


“ALTIS was one of the first places I sought out support and the education it has provided me in just the span of one week truly guided me in forming my path. Prior to this in the coaching world, I personally found a lack of coaching opportunity to apply for mentorship for guidance and education; and as a result felt a lack of direction.”

-ALTIS Women’s ACP Attendee

of coaching jobs across UK Sport funded British Olympic & Paralympic Programs are held by women
In Canadian Interuniversity Sport only
of coaches are female
In the US NCAA environment
of Head Coaching positions are occupied by white males

In this short video message, ALTIS President - Kevin Tyler - details why this initiative is a priority to us as an organization, and explains why we are working hard to use our position as a leader in sports education to to help drive change.

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Part of what feels difficult as a woman in this industry is trying to "break" into what feels very much like a man's world (and then stay there!) ...I am so thankful that ALTIS is leading by example on this front. It suddenly feels like we are not just individually chipping away at this from the bottom up, but rather coming from the top down as a group of men and women."

 - ALTIS Women’s ACP Attendee