Training Groups & Federation Membership

Come join us for a short-term training in Phoenix! ALTIS is the perfect location to improve your skills, train with world-class athletes or hold a warm-weather camp during the wintertime.

We offer two different options:

  • Full integration training. Come and train with an ALTIS group and receive full access to coaching, programing, weight training etc.
  • Warm weather camps. Come work out alongside ALTIS athletes doing your own training plan.

ALTIS Offers:

  • Integrated Training with Expert Coaches and Competitive Training Groups
  • World Class Facilities (Track, Weight Room and Recovery)
  • Access to Training Equipment

Phoenix Offers:

  • Sunny, warm weather – year round
  • Countless off-road Running Trails and Canals
  • International airport: Phoenix Sky Harbor
  • Large metropolitan area with lots to do

Please contact Coach Andreas Behm at if you are interested in a short-term camp. He is happy to provide rates and answer any other questions you might have. We hope to welcome you in Arizona in the near future!