Emerging Elite Membership

This is a customized training package agreed upon by the athlete and coaching staff. This allows for flexibility in services rendered as well as price. We are offering an extremely limited amount of these spots as a pilot project, similar to the scholarship structure we previously had. We want to continue to be able to help out some deserving athletes with a world-class service package at reduced cost.

Minimum criteria for Emerging Elite Athletes:

    • Meet the performance standards stated below. These are the minimum required performance standards to start discussions about a potential Emerging Elite spot. The more recent and more consistently the applicant has achieved these standards the better their chances. Please note that solely achieving these marks does not guarantee admittance.
    • Positively represent ALTIS at all times, including pre-arranged ‘ALTIS in the Community’ events. Be a positive force in the training environment. The successful candidates need to actively improve the overall training environment and culture of ALTIS. Negative attitudes are not tolerated!
    • Wear our competition uniform until such time that you receive a shoe contract.
    • Be available to attend all ALTIS training sessions (i.e. the ability to train as a full-time athlete).

Participate in youth coaching sessions/clinics and be available as a “therapy body” during therapy courses.

Emergine Elite Features:

  • Coaching: Lead or Assistant Coach
  • Programming: Lead Coach
  • Therapy: Customized package determined by staff
  • Weight-Room & Hydrotherapy: Full Access
  • Training Times: Flexible Access
  • Athlete Education: Full Access to ALTIS U seminars
  • Athletigen DNA Profile: Included
  • Community Service: Required
  • 2016/17 Membership Spots Available: 6-10
  • Pricing: For pricing contact Recruitment Director Andreas Behm a.behm@altis.world
  • Athlete Example: Christabel Nettey

Christabel Nettey is a prime example what patience and support can do for an athlete. She is one of the original athletes we chose to help out through training and therapy services. Christabel arrived as a promising long jumper from Arizona State and within three years has won a Commonwealth medal, broken Canada’s long jump national record, secured a contract with Nike and will be competing in the Summer Olympics. Christabel is one athlete who started on scholarship support from ALTIS and has since transitioned to the professional ranks.

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Event Men Women
100m 10.15 11.25
200m 20.30 22.75
400m 45.50 52.00
800m 1:47:50 2:03:50
1500 3:39:00 4:13:00
110/100H 13.50 12.80
400H 49.60 55.90
Long Jump 7.85 6.65

For more information email our Recruitment Director Andreas Behm – a.behm@altis.world.